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Pre-Construction & Design

The success of a project most often starts by effectively envisioning the project’s end. Clean Air Group delivers this successful foresight on our builds during this Pre-Construction / Design Phase of your project. It is in this phase that studies are performed to analyze space requirement issues, understand constraints and discover opportunities of the proposed site, as well as consider costs versus the budget.


Some highlights of how we can help…

  • Pre-Design

    – May include site analysis, user-needs, construction cost analysis and value engineering.

    • Site selection, geotechnical reports, review of existing structures
    • User needs outlining and cataloging space and equipment needed and infrastructure relationships
    • Cost analysis for capital improvement budget
    • Cost plan explaining the budget and used later for project management
    • Value Engineering scrutinizes the user needs, site selection, and project budget
  • Schematic Design

    – Our design professional describes the project three dimensionally and provides exploratory alternative design concepts towards an optimum realization of the project space.

  • Design Development

    – Project design is further refined and all planning arrangements, specific space accommodations, equipment and furnishings, building design, materials and colors, and definition of systems required for the project are delivered at this time.

  • Construction Documents

    – Includes the preparation of drawings and specifications establishing the requirements and construction of the project and include the quality, configuration, size, and relationship for the components to be incorporated in the project.

It has been our extensive experience that adequate time and budget should be appropriately allocated in performing the above mentioned activities. Doing so before any real construction begins is the best means by which to prevent your project from coming a to screeching halt – saving you real time and money later in the build.